About the Co-Founder

Elder Ralph A. MartinoDr. Ralph A. Martino is the Pastor of First Church of Christ Holiness, (USA) in Washington, DC, the fastest growing congregation and now the largest Church in the Church of Christ Holiness (USA) denomination!

He is the Co-Founder of Watch and Pray Ministries, Inc., a 501(c) 3 whose vision is to reach the masses with a non-compromising, Christ-centered, Christ-focused end time message holistic in nature and purposeful in destiny. The ministry cares for, focuses on and is determined to challenge and assist at risk youth and adults change their attitudes and then their desstinies through education, enlightenment and empowerment!

He is blessed to be the Trademark Owner of "SLC" (Spiritual Life and Leadership Coach) and is a certified Spiritual Life Coach who counsels, mentors and helps NFL football players, professional basketball players, business executives, and Stellar Award-winning artists achieve their dreams through biblically balanced strategies for living. Through one-on-one consultations, personal and professional healing and deliverance has taken place in countless lives.

Dr. Martino is blessed to possess over 11 years of live, relevant radio broadcast experience. As an Executive Producer, Producer and Host of the "Psalm 91 Radio Broadcast, we are blessed to posses over 1 million listeners per week whose lives are being touched and transformed through sound healthy bible-based Christ-centered teaching.

He has been featured recently on "Praise the Lord", TBN's flagship program hosted by Brother Clifton Davis. He has been featured on and hosted “Celebration”, Daystar Networks flagship program. He was interviewed multiple times on TCT Network's "Rejoice" program and was blessed to be interviewed on WATC's flagship program, "Atlanta Live!" He has been featured on “Art Fennel Reports” on CN8, as well as,  “It is what it is,” “The Point,” and countless other television shows and. He has also been featured on XM Radio.

Pastor Martino is an inspired author, an Anointed Biblical Teacher, an industrious Entrepeneur, a soul-stirring Evangelist, a highly sought-after Motivational Speaker. He is blessed to be the best selling author of "The Believer's Negotiation Tool" entitled How 2 Change A 'No" into a 'Yes'". He is also the author of the best-selling trilogy entitled, “Exposing the Eight Deadly Steps in Every Temptation” and its companion workbook and “Twenty-one Principles for Conquering Temptation”.

He is inspired to host and sponsor Ministry Rallies & Convetions throughout the United States. Dr. Ralph Martino holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration, a masters degree in Religious Education and a doctorate of Theology. He is married to a virtuous woman and is the proud father of two blessed daughters and an anointed son!

As a results-oriented Workshop Facilitator, he has designed, developed and presented numerous workshops, some to include:

  • How to Fall and Stay in Love with Jesus
  • Deprogramming the Memory of the Mind
  • How To Break A Curse
  • Anger Management
  • Binding the Strongman
  • Christian Business: “The Pathway to Freedom”
  • Communication: The Key to a Successful Marriage
  • Discerning the Voice of GOD
  • Flip the Script on Temptation
  • Fifteen Keys to Successfully Opening and Maintaining
  • Godly Communication in our Lives
  • How to Handle Rejection
  • How to be Lead by the Spirit
  • How to Manage your Money
  • How to Handle Self-Rejection
  • How to Overcome Addictions
  • How to Overcome Bitterness
  • Living and Teaching the Truth
  • Obedience: “The Key to the Christian Walk”
  • Operating in the Favor of GOD
  • Prayer:  To, For and Against
  • Prospering through the Fear of the Lord
  • Results-oriented Strategies for Intercessory Prayer
  • Sitting, Walking and Standing: “Mobilizing the Church for Ministry in the 21st Century”
  • Spiritual Perception:  “Now you see it, Now you don’t!”
  • The Confession of the Believer/Inner Man
  • The Components of the Blood
  • The People Principle
  • The Power of Prayer in a Marriage
  • The Salvation of the Soul
  • The Soul Winning Campaign
  • The Working Deacon
  • Walking in the Abundance of GOD: “Stay Away from the…Forbidden Fruit”
  • When the Seeker becomes the Sought after!